Organic-Vegan Peanut Butter from ‘Timbaktu Organic’

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This organic-vegan peanut butter is the outcome of a budding producer-owned co-operative called Timbaktu Organic. Timbaktu Organic is a project of The Timbaktu Collective, an organization that has been working to respond to the agrarian crisis in the 140 villages of Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh since 1990. Timbaktu Organic believes that organic food benefits the farmer (especially the landless and marginalized), the land (that is subject to chronic drought), and us, the consumer.

The Timbaktu Organic co-operative called Dharani FaM Co-operative Society grows to market a range of organic produce such as millet, rice, pulses, and peanuts. The peanuts are used to make peanut powder, oil, laddus, and yummy peanut butter. This peanut butter also contains a little organic sugar and salt.


The peanut butter from Timbaktu Organic is available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore, Pondicherry, and Puttaparthy. If you live in any of these cities, you can find out the stores by communicating at the contact details given here. We purchased this peanut butter from the Mother Earth store in Domlur in Bangalore.

Important points to remember about organically grown food

To understand why organic, you can read a short note from Timbaktu Organic by clicking here. As vegans who believe in eating responsibly, ethically, and healthy, we are big fans of organic products. Some key takeaways from the note by Timbaktu Organic is presented below.

Organic farming is sustainable this means food can be produced indefinitely, benefiting the farmer while at the same time not causing any irreversible damage to the health of the ecosystem.

Organic food is nutritious and tasty. Organic farming involves selection of crop varieties for nutrition and taste rather than for size, appearance, and shipping characteristics. Organic food is richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber, and retains nutrient levels for much longer.

Organic food helps your body develop resistance to disease as it has higher levels of the essential nutrients that your body requires to fight infection. You will also have more energy because you consume lower levels of toxins and chemicals that slow down your body. 

“Every food purchase supports the system that delivers it; if large-scale chemical production methods are damaging to the environment, then purchasing these foods supports the damage. One main goal of organic farming is minimizing impact to the environment.” ~Timbaktu Organic~