Organic-Vegan Soap from ‘Khandige Organic’

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This soap does not contain harmful preservatives, coloring and dyes, synthetic perfumes and fillers, foaming agents, petrochemicals, whiteners, animal parts, and is not tested on animals either. This is the SOMA organic soap manufactured by Khandige Organic.

So, what does SOMA soap contain?

SOMA soap is made from cold pressed organic coconut oil, extra virgin coconut oil, organic certified NaOH, and natural essential oils and fragrances only. The soap is ideal for sensitive skins. According to Khandige Organic sources, SOMA soap prevents skin rashes, and works well on allergy-prone skins and baby skins.

Khandige Organic has a collection of other cruelty-free products as well that includes hair oils, body oils, massage oils, spices, coconut oil, jaggery, and sesame oil. To find out about them, you can click this link.

Availability of SOMA soap

SOMA soap is currently available in three flavors: Kewara, Lavender, and Peppermint in seven cities in the country. To find outlets in Bangalore, you can click this link and to find outlets in Chennai, Karunagapally, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Pune, and Secundarabad, you can click this link.

Vegan notes

Have you ever wondered about the fate of the animals selected as targets to "test" our cosmetics on? In a civilized society, can we ignore such crimes? We must know what goes on in the background to produce the cosmetics we use. Here’s one article from PETA entitled Animals Used for Experimentation that explains what "animal testing" is all about and what each one of us can do to prevent it.

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