‘The Green Stove’ Vegan Bakery, Mumbai

If Bangalore can have a delightful range of Vegan baked goodies from Carnival Cakes & Breads, Mumbai can have the very same from The Green Stove!!

'The Green Stove' is a Vegan bakery in Mumbai set up by Rithika Ramesh. After Rithika became Vegan, she started to extensively cook and bake Vegan food for her family and friends. Says Rithika:
“I have always loved to cook and I wanted to show my friends that vegan food could be fun. For family pot lucks I try making things that people wouldn’t imagine could be vegan such as buttermilk made with peanut curd or ice cream made with coconut milk.” 
Soon Rithika’s friends and family began appreciating not only the delicious Vegan meals she served them but also the ideals behind a cruelty-free diet. 
“My friends still talk of the cashew cheese and pasta with vegan pesto that I made in November last year!” reflects Rithika.
One thing led to another, and, in February 2010, Rithika launched a Vegan bakery and called it 'The Green Stove'. The Green Stove has two product lines: Dough-Ray-Me and Animal Treats. Dough-Ray-Me includes all Vegan baked goodies and Animal Treats includes ready-to-eat Vegan treats for dogs and cats.

Dough-Ray-Me products

Dough-Ray-Me offers a delightful range of Vegan cakes and cupcakes, breads, cookies, mousse, and chocolates to name a few. You can click the here for the list of all the Vegan baked items offered by Dough-Ray-Me.


Customizing your order with Dough-Ray-Me

Dough-Ray-Me offers you the option to customize your order as well; you can choose the frosting, flavor, shape, color, and ingredients in your cake or cookies. For example, you can ask for whole wheat as opposed to refined wheat or ask for sugar free items in which case stevia syrup is used. Stevia is a plant that works as a very healthy sweetening agent and is being recommended to those who suffer from high blood pressure and obesity.

How does Dough-Ray-Me operate? 

Dough-Ray-Me operates on the model of baking fresh on your order. The bakery is open on all days. So, you can discuss and place your order in advance, between 9am to 9pm. It is preferable that you place your order two days in advance.
To place your order, you can call 9819955320 or write at thegreenstove@gmail.com or veganchef@thegreenstove.com. Items such as chocolates and cookies can also be delivered by courier to anywhere in India. Please check with Rithika at the email address given above and get the details.

Concluding notes

How has the response to The Green Stove been is something we cannot desist from asking Rithika! Barely a few months old, The Green Stove has already started getting return customers. Elaborates Rithika: 
“Right now people who have called me are mostly health conscious, curious non-vegans. Many people can’t imagine how cheesecake can be made without dairy cream cheese or even cheese spread without cow’s milk!”  
As the old adage goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,”– establishments such as The Green Stove give an opportunity to test the wonders of healthy and dairy-free baking! 

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“I am sometimes asked: Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?’ I answer: ‘I am working at the roots.’” ~George T. Angell, Founder of Massachusetts SPCA~

For a story on Angelfoods, a vegan lunch service cum bakery in Mumbai reviewed in this blog, you can click this link.


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